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Oriental Rug Care is your ultimate destination if you are looking for an expert professional Oriental rug cleaning service provider. 

We take great care of your treasured Oriental rugs which often have your sentimental values attached to them. Our technicians understand what works best for a particular type and design of Oriental rug.

Our customers in New York know that we believe in creating long term relationships by creating unforgettable customer experiences. Our cleaning technology is one of the finest and at the same time, our rates are the lowest in the market. 


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Oriental Rug Cleaning

New York City Rug Cleaning

Oriental Rug Care offers a range of Oriental rug cleaning services to its customers in New York using the best available organic cleaning compounds.

We do not employ strong chemicals as cleaning agents for your soft and delicate Oriental rugs because we know that they remove natural oils from the rugs making them brittle and affecting their durability.

You can contact our customer service representatives in NY to make use of our pick-up and delivery services. They will also act as your cleaning consultants and guide you to understand how often you should seek professional help for getting your Oriental rugs cleaned.


Oriental Rug Repair

Oriental rugs are often handcrafted and you need skilled craftsmen employed by Oriental Rug Care to repair such exquisite pieces using manual repair techniques.

Some of the seriously damaged rugs make it necessary to start the work from the making of the foundation of Oriental rugs. In such cases, our experts make sure that the recreated portions match the rest of the entire rug by matching the weave and knot techniques. They have repaired a variety of Oriental rugs to the satisfaction of our customers in NY.

We also pay visits to customer premises in New York to assess the damage on-site and give a no-obligation quote

Oriental Rug Restoration

Have you noticed a damp stink in your Oriental rugs? You should get it checked with a professional cleaning service provider like Oriental Rug Care to find out if it is a result of water damage. We can also restore your Oriental rugs to stop further damage.

Over the years, we have come across several Oriental rugs ruined by moth damage, mildew, and water damage in New York which have been successfully restored to their original beauty by our competent professionals.

Our Oriental rug restoration services are available for the most competitive pricing in NY along with our special emergency services.

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